North India Travels images is based on five pillars positioned in the shape of an “M”in a three dimensional way, signifying “Manpower” the management of manpower, which is the business we are in. The multidimensional positioning is reflective of the multi-dimensional complexities behind manpower management. The Five Pillars represent the “Pillars of Trust”:

  • 1. Responsible Organization
  • 2. Reliable in Client focus & Care
  • 3. Responsive to Needs delivered through collective teamwork
  • 4. Report and deep relationship with Clients
  • 5. Respect for individuals

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Plumber vacancy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.A professional Plumber needed in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

Safety Officers / Engineers

Looking for experienced and talented Safety Officers/Engineers in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Security Manager

Security manager vacancy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
A facility management industry in Dubai UAE is in need of a full time experienced male security manager.

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